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Gru’s Treasure Hunt Lake County Florida

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Win $1,000 In Our Lake Country Treasure Hunt

Have you always dreamed of going on a treasure hunt? Now is your chance! With a special entrance fee of only $10, Gru’s Treasure Hunt in Lake Country, Florida will pay out a prize of $1,000. Simply sign up for the hunt and we’ll contact you when 1,000 people have joined to provide you with instructions on how to get the clue to lead you to Gru’s Treasure! Participate in this unique opportunity to hunt down a real treasure, become $1,000 richer, and help us support a pet shelter in your local community!

How to Get Started With Gru’s Treasure Hunt

If you’re ready to get started with Gru’s Treasure Hunt in Lake Country, simply sign up, pay your entrance fee, and we’ll contact you with the date of the hunt when we have enough participants. Our treasure hunts are challenging, skill-based hunts involving a riddle that must be solved in order to find Gru’s Treasure. The first individual to find the treasure will receive a $1,000 cash prize and will help us to choose a charity to give our donation to.

The Treasure Hunt That Gives Back

When you sign up for Gru’s Treasure Hunt, you aren’t just signing yourself up for a chance to win $1,000 — you’re also helping us help charities throughout your state. For every treasure hunt we conduct, we’ll donate to an animal shelter within the state where the treasure hunt is being held. It’s our mission to help animals in need. That’s why once all 1,000 tickets to the Lake Country treasure hunt have been sold, and the hunt is complete, we will donate $5,000 to a charity near you — and the winner can help us choose which charity will receive the donation! We’ll choose from South Lake Animal League, Humane Society of Lake County, K9’s for Warriors, Pets for Patriots, or Pawsitivity Service Dogs!

Meet Gru: The Blue Chihuahua That Started It All

Gru, our rescue dog, who was found living on the street and subsequently lived in a shelter for two long years, was the inspiration for Gru’s Treasure Hunt and for our commitment to giving back to other sheltered animals in need. As a blue chihuahua, Gru is a unique dog who captured our hearts and helped us realize it was possible for us to do something good for the community that would help other sheltered pets find their forever homes. Now that Gru has found his treasure of a loving, safe home, it is his turn, and ours, to help other animals find their very own treasure through Gru’s Treasure Hunt. 

How Gru’s Treasure Hunt Works

Once you’ve signed up for Gru’s Treasure Hunt in Lake County, we’ll reach out to you after we have reached our 1,000 participant goal. We will then provide you with the date of the hunt. The week before the hunt begins, we’ll email you with instructions of where to go to receive the clue to finding Gru’s Treasure. The hunt will begin on a Saturday morning at 10 am local time. The first person to solve the clue and find Gru’s Treasure will win the $1,000 cash prize!

The item you will hunt for is in the form of a small dog tag labeled “Gru’s Treasure.” It will include a treasure number and a phone number on the tag. Once you have found the treasure, you will call the number of the tag to confirm your win. We will then send you your prize via a cashier’s check through FedEx. You will also have the chance to help us choose the charity where we will be donating $5,000!

What Happens If No One Finds the Treasure? 

In the event that no one finds the treasure on the first day, we will issue another clue the following day on Sunday at 10 am. While we don’t foresee the treasure hunt becoming a multi-day adventure, in some cases, this can occur. If all 1,000 participants still have not located Gru’s Treasure by the following Monday morning at 10 am, another clue will be issued. This will continue until someone finds the treasure and calls the number on Gru’s dog tag to claim their prize. 

Don’t Miss Out On This One-of-a-Kind Treasure Hunt

Our Lake Country treasure hunt is a one-of-a-kind treasure hunt that requires you to decipher clues to find the treasure! If you’ve always wanted to participate in a treasure hunt, Gru’s Treasure Hunt is the answer. With a reduced entrance fee, this hunt only costs each participant $10 to join, and if won, will pay out a prize of $1,000! Don’t miss your chance to participate in this unique opportunity to go on a true-life treasure hunt, find the prize, and help out a charity in your neighborhood. 

Sign Up for Gru’s Treasure Hunt in Lake Country Today

Are you ready to find Gru’s dog tag and the treasure of a lifetime? At the Blue Chihuahua, it’s our mission to provide communities throughout the country with a once-in-a-lifetime experience through finding Gru’s Treasure, as well as support local charities in their local community. Sign up for this special edition of Gru’s Treasure Hunt in Lake County for only $10 with a chance of winning $1,000! Reserve your spot today!